more sedation options for more dental patients

More Sedation Options for More Dental Patients

Sedation dentistry is a popular option for people who may suffer from moderate to severe dental anxiety, or those who have sensitive gag reflexes or other issues that make it difficult to visit a periodontist in Ann Arbor, MI. Dr. Amar Katranji and the staff at Michigan Implants & Periodontics are certified dental sedation providers, so you know you are in good hands.

We Can Help With Dental Anxiety and More

You understand that sedation can help make your dental visit more relaxing, but which option is best for your needs? We can help you decide:

  • Local anesthetic: This is administered via syringe directly to the area being treated. This is commonly used for fillings and other minor dental procedures. The patient should be okay with Dr. Katranji using the syringe.
  • Nitrous oxide: This gas is breathed in and promotes a relaxed state, but it does not numb any areas. This is ideal for patients who may be feeling anxious. It is sometimes used in conjunction with another sedation option, typically the local anesthetic.
  • IV sedation: This sedative is administered directly into the bloodstream, and the patient will need the IV placed first. The level of sedation can be controlled from moderate to heavy. This is more common for procedures such as dental surgery.
  • Oral sedation: An oral sedative is taken about one hour before a procedure begins. It is also more common for more complex treatment or for those with severe anxiety. In most cases, patients do not remember the procedure after the sedative wears off.

The type of sedation you choose to use depends on your personal needs. What works for one patient may not work for another. Dr. Katranji and our staff can consult with you to come up with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Tell Us How We Can Help You

Do not let a fear of the dental chair keep you from getting the treatment you need. To learn more about how our sedation dentistry options can help you, contact our office today.


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