How Laser Dentistry Is Positively Impacting the Dental Industry

The use of lasers within the dental industry has opened the doors for innovative procedures and more advancements within the dental industry. Specifically, lasers are being used to help with the treatment of gum disease. Lasers are being used in the place of traditional dental drills or probes and are efficient. What are lasers used…

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More Sedation Options for More Dental Patients

more sedation options for more dental patients

Dental Implants Dental Implants Overview Full Arch Dental Implants Implants vs. Dentures Dental Implant Cost Bone Grafting Failing Dental Implants Tooth Extractions Sedation Dentistry Laser Dentistry LANAP® Laser Periodontics Periodontics Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique Gum Grafting Gum Disease Treatment Ozone Therapy Facial Rejuvenation Patient Resources Patient Center About Us Meet Dr. Katranji Meet Dr. Misch…

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