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How Periodontal Disease Causes Tooth Loss

Tooth Loss Affects Your Whole Life

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons. Anything from disease, injury, birth defect, to decay can result in teeth being lost or removed. 

Things that may occur as a result of tooth loss include:

  • Change in Diet
  • Difficulty with Speech
  • Bone Loss in the Jaw
  • Misalignment of the Teeth
  • Changing Facial Appearance

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss in Ann Arbor, MI

Severe and untreated gum disease can often result in tooth and bone loss. Many patients do not realize the extent to which these issues can affect daily life. Patients suffering from gum disease should visit Dr. Amar Katranji and Dr. Kelly Misch to prevent tooth loss in Ann Arbor, MI. Loss of teeth can result in the following issues:
• Dietary problems
• Speech impediments
• Jaw and face pain
• Facial deterioration

Dietary Problems

Loose or missing teeth can make it difficult to bite and chew food correctly. This leads many patients stick to softer, more easily chewed food products. The problem is that this kind of diet rarely meets the body’s nutritional requirements and can cause problems such as weight loss, malnutrition, and indigestion among others.

Speech Impediments

Tooth and bone loss often leads to additional missing teeth. While one missing tooth may not have an effect on your speech, several missing teeth certainly will. Certain sounds that are made with tongue to tooth contact may become difficult to pronounce. Lisps are also common and may cause embarrassment among some patients.

Jaw and Face Pain

When one or more teeth become missing, the remaining teeth will cease to have an opposing force to keep it in place. This means that they will begin to move around in order to fill the empty space. Bone loss will also occur in these areas due to a lack of stimulation. As a result, the bite pattern will be interrupted and may inhibit the jaw from closing properly. Pain in the face, neck, head, and jaw are common in these situations.

Facial Deterioration

In addition to biting and chewing food, your teeth serve several other important functions such as stimulating bone and holding your lips and cheeks in place. When tooth and bone loss occur, the facial structure may collapse and age your appearance greatly.

Untreated gum disease results in loss of bone that supports the teeth and can lead to eventual tooth loss. To learn more about the consequences of gum disease and tooth loss in Ann Arbor, MI, contact Dr. Katranji and Dr. Misch today!