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The Three Stages of Gum Disease

It has been estimated that 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease which can be linked to serious health complications and causes dental problems that are avoidable.

The 3 Stages of Gum Disease Are:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Advanced Periodontitis

Gum Disease is Preventable

Stages and Symptoms of Gum Disease in Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Amar Katranji and Dr. Kelly Misch encourage patients suffering from gingivitis in Ann Arbor, MI to seek treatment as soon as possible. The stages of gum disease become increasingly more difficult and invasive to treat as the infection progresses.

There are three main stages of gum disease:

Stages of Gum Disease Ann Arbor, MI   

Stage 1: Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the least severe of all the gum disease stages. This usually occurs as a result of plaque and bacteria buildup that causes the gum tissue to become inflamed and swollen. Symptoms of gingivitis often include bad breath, bleeding gums, and inflamed tissue. Treatment at this stage is fairly easy and may only require a professional cleaning and meticulous homecare. However, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible before the symptoms become much more complicated and severe. 
Stages of Gum Disease Ann Arbor, MI   

Stage 2: Periodontitis

Periodontitis is what is referred to as “moderate” gum disease. This happens when gingivitis is not treated promptly and the infection spreads to the deeper levels of tissue. In addition to inflammation and bleeding, patients with periodontitis can expect to see pocketing of the gum tissue along with the beginning stages of gum recession and bone loss. Treatment as this stage may include a scaling and root planing procedure and possibly locally administered antibiotics. If left untreated, more severe gum disease stages will develop and possible tooth loss may occur. 
Stages of Gum Disease Ann Arbor, MI   

Stage 3: Advanced Periodontitis

Advanced periodontitis is one of the most severe gum disease stages. During this stage, pocketing, gum recession, and bone loss will become increasingly severe to the point where teeth begin to loosen. If immediate treatment is not sought, the risk of imminent tooth loss will become very real.

Treating gum disease in the early stages can help to protect your oral and overall health from permanent damage. Patients suffering from gingivitis in Ann Arbor, MI are encouraged to contact Dr. Katranji and Dr. Misch as soon as possible to schedule a consultation for treatment.