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Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush or Floss?

Sore and painful gums should not be ignored. If you have bleeding gums, set up an appointment for an oral evaluation with your doctor as soon as possible. 

Here is a closer look at some common causes of bleeding gums: 

  • Gum Disease
  • Medications
  • Pregnancy

You May Have Gum Disease

Periodontal Disease and Bleeding Gums in Ann Arbor, MI

Bleeding and swollen gums are often the first noticeable symptoms of gum disease and should not be ignored. However, there are also several other causes of bleeding gums that need to be considered before Dr. Amar Katranji and Dr. Kelly Misch can administer treatment. Common causes of bleeding gums in Ann Arbor, MI include:

• Gum disease
• Medication
• Pregnancy

Gum Disease

Large accumulations of plaque and bacteria in the mouth can cause swollen gums which bleed when brushed or flossed. Since this is one of the earliest signs of gum disease, patients should take note and seek treatment as soon as possible. In some cases, treatment can be as simple as professional scaling and root planing or localized antibiotic therapy. If ignored, early gingivitis can progress into periodontitis which is much more difficult and complicated to treat. Periodic checkups and exams for gum disease are important to prevent swollen gums and more severe symptoms.


There are several medications that are commonly administered which may cause gums to bleed more readily. These include aspirin, blood thinners, birth control, and anti-inflammatories among others. Since these medications have blood thinning properties, it is important to inform Dr. Katranji and Dr. Misch of all medications you are currently taking so that the cause of bleeding or swollen gums can be properly diagnosed.


Women often experience drastic fluctuations in hormone levels during and after pregnancy. This means that the likelihood of bleeding and swollen gums is greatly increased. In fact, gum tissue may even begin to bleed spontaneously and without warning. It is especially important for women to practice good oral hygiene during this period. It should also be noted that gum disease increases the likelihood of premature delivery and low birth weight babies. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you maintain regular cleanings and exams as part of your prenatal care.

Bleeding gum tissues are never considered to be a normal occurrence. Patients suffering from swollen gums or bleeding gums in Ann Arbor, MI should contact Dr. Katranji and Dr. Misch to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.